Applicable PCBSingle laneL610×W510 mm to L50×W50 mm
(Optional: L1,200×W510 to L50×W50 mm)
Dual laneL610×W250 mm to L50×W84mm (dual feed)
L610×W415mm (single feed)
Mounting capabilityHigh-Speed Multi-Head×2 specifications: 90,000 CPH (single lane/dual lane)
Mounting accuracy
(Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor when standard evaluation materials are used)
High-Speed Multi (HM) Head0201mm/03015mm: ±25μm/80,000 CPH
0402mm: ±36 μm/85,000 CPH
0603mm: ±40 μm/90,000 CPH
Flexible Multi (FM) Head±15μm
Applicable componentsHigh-Speed Multi (HM) Head0201mm to L44×W44×H12.7 mm or under
Flexible Multi (FM) Head1005mm to L72×W72×H25.4 mm or under
Connector: 150×26 mm
Number of component types120 types max. (8 mm wide tape equivalent)
Power supply3-phase AC200V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Air supply source0.45 to 0.69 MPa (4.6 to 7 kgf/cm²)
External dimension (excluding projections)L 1,280 x W 2,240 x H 1,450mm
WeightApprox. 1,800 kg
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

External dimension